Santo en Atacan Las Brujas (Santo in The Witches Attack)
Rise Above]

1968; b&w

Directed by Jose Diaz Morales

Starring: Santo, Lorena Velazquez, Ramon Bugarini, Maria Eugenia San Martin & Eda Ena Ruiz

Atacan Las Brujas wastes no time in dropping the viewer right into the action. (In fact, when I hit play on the DVD I thought my copy was defective because it seemed like the movie started in the middle - or at least not at the beginning.) And what surreal South of the Border satanic shenanigans they are! First we're thrust deep into the psyche of our fair haired heroine, Ofelia, via an extended look at one of her re-occurring dreams / nightmares. In this dream, she is held prisoner by a mostly female devil worshipping cult, led by the newly resurrected High Priestess Mayra. (Played by Lorena Velazquez, co-star of a few other Santo movies as well as one half of Las Luchadoras.) After Santo attempts a rescue, he too is captured by the foxy witches & their goons, who intend to sacrifice the duo in order to appease their dark lord, aka some guy in a cape with a funny horned head piece. But, of course, Santo breaks free (the credits haven't even rolled yet, so obviously they don't die), saves them both and scares off the evil doers with his Jesus Christ pose. Literally; he just stands there with his arms outstretched and the witches scatter like cockroaches. This particular cult of witches, you see, counts fire, daylight and the holy cross - as well as things in a vague cross formation - among their vulnerabilities. Anywhoo, after the credits we're back in reality, where Ofelia fills us and her boyfriend in on some more of the story by talking about the dreams and how they all started after she moved into her family's ancestral mansion with her late parents' secretary, Elisa. (Also played by Lorena Velasquez.) We see, in flashback, that this strange living situation is a result of her parent's will and that she must live in the home for one year in order to collect her inheritance. Ofelia's boyfriend, who recognizes the man in her dreams as Santo, takes stock of the situation and, after finding out that Ofelia's housemate Elisa actually died fifteen years earlier, decides to contact Santo about the strange goings-on and see if they can't team up to stop the madness. (And, eventually, end the movie.) This leads to another, longer, series of kidnappings, attempted rescuings, capturings, attempted sacrifices, dream sequences, and shots of cobweb laden corners crawling with small lizards and other creepy crawlers until Santo breaks free for the final time and brings the witches to their knees by waving a crude wooden cross in their direction, causing them to burst into flames. This is definitely a little different from the other Santo movies we've reviewed on the site thus far; it's less kitchy than the later, color monster movies and features the least amount of in-ring wrestling I've seen in any Santo movie yet. On the other hand, Atacan Las Brujas features a gaggle of sexy witches in short togas, and a memorable scene where one particularly randy sequined bikini-clad witch tries to seduce Santo, so it's got that working for it.

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